Monthly Archives: June 2013

Let’s Show Some Respect for Our Language Learners, Shall We?

Ok, I know I’m treading a very, very fine line here because it’s so easy to slip into some kind of a patronizing attitude with your English learners, especially if they’re just beginning to study the language. I mean, really, how are we supposed to treat our students like adults while teaching them basic stuff […]

Could Love be the Answer… To Language Learning?

Hi, Ever wondered why some people live abroad for months or even years without picking up any more advanced language beyond simple greetings, “how much is this?” and “Chicken please?” I’ve met quite a few of them in my teacher-backpacking days. Are some people naturally more talented language learners than others? I don’t think so. […]

Turning on, Tuning in…

Remember I mentioned volunteer teaching at a local language school? It’s happening and it looks like tons of fun. Now that I have plenty of free time, now that I’m bursting with energy, I feel like this teaching gig is going to work out just fine. First things first, I really want to connect deeply […]

Sneaky Ninja Technique for Efficient Movie-Watching in an English Classroom

Hi, Recently I wrote about how English teachers use movies in their classrooms for baby-sitting purposes or in misguided attempts to help their students acquire authentic language as they watch incomprehensible blabber on the screen. I now realize it must have sounded a bit nasty and I didn’t really mean to be like that at […]