An experiment

I’m moving in a new direction with my life, I think. I want a new exciting journey, I want passion and fire, I want bliss, joy and freedom. I want to inspire those around me and be inspired.

A few weeks ago I realized how excruciatingly bored I was at my current job as a translator. No more of that. I’m definitely quitting. My rule of thumb: If I’ve been doing something for 12 months and looking back I don’t see any breakthroughs – it’s time to change course.

I’m planning to break out of my coccoon; I will challenge myself to step out of the comfort zone and try to find my true calling, even if I get hurt, disappointed and humiliated along the way.

A life without service, a life without passion is not worth much to me.

As a first step I offered to volunteer teaching at a small local language school. In my teaching I”ll be using TPRS method based on Stephen Krashen’s Comprehensive Input hypothesis. I’m a bit scared but I know it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve been a lousy teacher by my current standards. But this is going to change. The time to kick ass has come.


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  1. Rachel · · Reply

    Super like.

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